Biometrical Journal 2008

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Special issue of Biometrical Journal: Proceedings of MCP2007 (Fifth International Conference on Multiple Comparison Procedures) held in Vienna in July 2007 (October 2008). For more information about this special issue, visit the Biometrical Journal web site.

Guest editors

Prof. Martin Posch (Medical University of Vienna), Prof. Franz Koenig (Medical University of Vienna) and Prof. Jason C. Hsu (Ohio State University).

Selected papers

Gerhard Hommel, Frank Bretz. Aesthetics and Power Considerations in Multiple Testing – A Contradiction?

Alex Dmitrienko, Ajit Tamhane, Brian Wiens. General Multistage Gatekeeping Procedures. See Dmitrienko Tamhane Wiens 2008.

Olivier Guilbaud. Simultaneous Confidence Regions Corresponding to Holm's Step-Down Procedure and Other Closed-Testing Procedures.

Brent Logan, Ajit Tamhane. Superiority Inferences on Individual Endpoints Following Noninferiority Testing in Clinical Trials.

Jianjun (David) Li, Devan Mehrotra. Gatekeeping Testing via Adaptive Alpha Allocation.

Peter Westfall, James Troendle. Multiple Testing with Minimal Assumptions.

Violeta Calian, Dongmei Li, Jason Hsu. Partitioning to Uncover Conditions for Permutation Tests to Control Multiple Testing Error Rates.