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Dmitrienko, A., Tamhane, A., Liu, L., Wiens, B. (2008). A note on tree gatekeeping procedures in clinical trials. Statistics in Medicine. 27, 3446-3451.


Dmitrienko et al. (2007) Dmitrienko Wiens Tamhane Wang 2007 proposed a tree gatekeeping procedure for testing logically related hypotheses in hierarchically ordered families which uses weighted Bonferroni tests for all intersection hypotheses in a closure method. An algorithm was given to assign weights to the hypotheses for every intersection. The purpose of this note is to show that any weight assignment algorithm that satisfies a set of sufficient conditions can be used in this procedure to guarantee gatekeeping and independence properties. The algorithm used in Dmitrienko et al. (2007) may fail to meet one of the conditions, namely monotonicity of weights, which may cause it to violate the gatekeeping property. An example is given to illustrate this phenomenon. A modification of the algorithm is shown to rectify this problem.


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