International Conference on Multiple Comparison Procedures 2011

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The Seventh International Conference on Multiple Comparison Procedures (MCP 2011) was held on August 29-September 1, 2011 in Rockville, MD. The main goal of the conference was to promote research and applications of multiple comparison procedures. The application areas of multiple comparison procedures are a rich and important source of cross-disciplinary statistical research. This conference provided a forum for technical interactions among industry practitioners, research scientists from different subject matter areas and statisticians.

The conference was chaired by Dr. Sue-Jane Wang (FDA), Prof. Jason Hsu (Ohio State University) and Dr. Frank Bretz (Novartis).

Short courses

Gatekeeping procedures in clinical trials by Alex Dmitrienko (Eli Lilly and Company) and Ajit Tamhane (Northwestern University)

Graphical approaches to multiple test problems by Frank Bretz, Ekkehard Glimm, Willi Maurer (Novartis)

Multiple comparisons in complex clinical trial designs by H.M. James Hung and Sue-Jane Wang (FDA)

Simultaneous confidence bands in regression by Wei Liu (University of Southampton)

Adaptive designs for clinical trials by Martin Posch, Franz Koenig (Medical University of Vienna)

Concepts and techniques of multiple testing in clinical and biomarker studies by Jason C. Hsu (Ohio State University)

Web site

For more information on the conference, visit the MCP 2011 web site.