Pharmaceutical Statistics 2007

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Special issue of Pharmaceutical Statistics on multiplicity in pharmaceutical statistics (July/September 2007). For more information, visit the Pharmaceutical Statistics web site.

Guest editors

Prof. Jason C. Hsu (Ohio State University) and Dr. Frank Bretz (Novartis, Switzerland; Hannover Medical School, Germany).


Donald Berry. The difficult and ubiquitous problems of multiplicities.

Stephen Senn, Frank Bretz. Power and sample size when multiple endpoints are considered.

Alex Dmitrienko, Ajit Tamhane. Gatekeeping procedures with clinical trial applications.

Yi Liu, Jason Hsu, Stephen Ruberg. Partition testing in dose–response studies with multiple endpoints.

Chihiro Hirotsu. A unifying approach to non-inferiority, equivalence and superiority tests via multiple decision processes.

Werner Brannath, Franz Koenig and Peter Bauer. Multiplicity and flexibility in clinical trials.

Dmitri Zaykin, Lev Zhivotovsky, Wendy Czika, Susan Shao, Russell Wolfinger. Combining p-values in large-scale genomics experiments.

Sue-Jane Wang, Robert O'Neill, James Hung. Approaches to evaluation of treatment effect in randomized clinical trials with genomic subset.