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TRBF1/TRF1 Antibody Alexa Fluor 647

Listed below are anti-TRF1 antibodies from multiple suppliers. TRF1 is a reported alias name for the human gene TERF1, or 'telomeric repeat binding factor 1'.

The 439-amino acid protein has a reported mass of 50,246 daltons. The cellular localization is predicted to be cytoplasmic and nuclear. See the supplier page to learn important antibody details, such as target specificity and designated applications.

Category Antibody Conjugates

Description TRBF1/TRF1 Polyclonal Antibody, ALEXA FLUOR 647 Conjugated

Synonyms hTRF1 AS NIMA interacting protein 2 NIMA-interacting protein 2  PIN 2 PIN2 t TRF1  Telomeric protein Pin2

Telomeric protein Pin2/TRF1 Telomeric repeat binding factor 1 Telomeric repeat bind ... Image with no description

Conjugate / Derivative Alexa Fluor 647

Host Species Rabbit

Reactive Species Mouse; Human

Applications Immunohistochemistry

Catalog # bs-1151R-A647